UYAG holds Advocacy on Bangsamoro History

Central Mindanao

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO ---- United Youth Action Group (UYAG) in partnership with the Student Body Council (SBC) of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College (DIPMC) conducted Advocacy on Bangsamoro History and Struggle with the theme: "Kabataan, Kayo ang Dahilan ng Ipinaglalaban" last March 16, 2017 at DIPMC Campus.

"This program is aimed at educating the youth about the essence of Bangsamoro History and in pursuing the Bangsamoro Legitimate Struggle towards Right to Self-Determination", emphasized UYAG president Esmae lSema.

"As youth, we need to understand that we play vital role in promoting and supporting peace, for we are the catalyst of change to achieve lasting peace in Mindanao", Sema said. 

Abdulaziz Alib, Administrative Officer of Eastern Kutawato College Institute, said, "You, students and youth are the primary stakeholders because your participation in the peace process is the key to achieving lasting peace in Mindanao. At the end, you will reap the fruits of our struggle towards Right to Self-Determination. 

Professor Esmael A. Abdula, Executive Director of Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute and BLMI Steering Committee member mentioned in his lecture that, "Long before the coming of colonizers the inhabitants of the archipelago are Muslims. They lived in civilized communities and established political institutions ruled by the sultanates".

"The contemporary Bangsamoro armed struggle started from 1968 to1997 which caused economic instability, educational stagnation among the Moro youth and traumatic condition of the Moro people. The bloody war during Martial Law declared by President Ferdinand Marcos caused the deaths of thousands of Moro people”.  

President Joseph Estrada's declaration of an all-out war in April 2000 and Gloria Arroyo's all-out war of February 11, 2004 and the 2008 offensive launched by the 102nd Base Commander Bravo and the late 105th Base Commander Aleem Ameril Umbra Kato at the aftermath of Supreme Court¡¯s junking of the MOA-AD displaced about half a million people", narrated Abdula.

He also mentioned the major signed agreements, the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamaoro (FAB) and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) that recognized the legitimate cause of the Bangsamoro people that provided for the creation of the Bangsamoro new political entity in southern Philippines.

 "The launching of expanded Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) composed of 21 members is a sign of hope in the continuity and ways forward of GPH-MILF Peace Process under the New Administration of President Rodrigo RoaDuterte", Abdula added.

Youth organizations, students, faculty and staff of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College attended the advocacy.

Another speaker was Sheikh Abusama K. Acob who discussed Islamic Values He stressed one the Prophet Mohammad’s Hadith, the 7 ways to escape from hell such as: 

1. Performing the Salah or praying 5x a day because Salah is the key to Jannah and can prevent a true Muslim from doing bad deeds.

2. Al-Amanah or being responsible at all times

3. Sillatu Rahim or having good relationship to others

4. Birrul Walidayn or taking good care and loving of parents

5. Hippsurlissan or being thoughtful to others 

6. Hippsurguiar or having good relationship to your neighbor

7. As-Siddique or truthfulness that means avoid lies or do not lie 

Sheik Abusama emphasized that if true believers of Islam religiously perform this Hadith, surely Jannah awaits them.