GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews/11 Nov) — What will happen to Draft BBL? The question appears simple; but, for Bangsamoro, it is destiny-bound – to paraphrase a classical question, Bangsamoro, quo vadis?

Duterte Peace Roadmap: Imperatives and Options

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews / 10 Nov) — The establishment of the Bangsamoro is keyed to federalism. The Congress is sure to push through federalism; but if the people reject it at the plebiscite, the Bangsmoro will still be established according to the approved enabling law. This is President Duterte’s assurance to MILF and the Moros in his Harirayah speech and State of the Nation Address last July 8 and 25 respectively. 

I. Duterte Peace Roadmap

One major plank in the platform of presidential candidate Rodrigo R. Duterte was peace with the Moro and the Communist rebels. He planned a two-prong approach – implement all agreements with the Moro rebel groups and continue the negotiation with the NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines), the umbrella of the Communist rebel forces.